My name is Woofy and I’m a cable container dog. I’m only a puppy, but I already have many friends. Would you like to be my friend too?  

My Daddy’s name is Gabriel and he decided to draw me because he had a friend who got in such a mess with his cables. He drew me on a plane on his way home from another country, and by the time he finished drawing me I had become like a living, breathing friend for him. Today I am part of his family and I live with him in Copenhagen. 

I am really good at sitting completely still and doing nothing. My Daddy’s friends think I’m smart, because I never need to be walked and when we visit them I often play with their children. I don’t bite, not even when you nip my nose or pull my ears. My fur is nice and smooth, and I don’t cause allergies, or make you sneeze. I never wet on the floor and I will always be there when you need me. Perhaps I one day will be your friend to…? 

Woofy is design by Gabriel Nigro, and sold by Normann Copenhagen

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Woofy is design by Gabriel Nigro, produced and sold by normann copenhagen

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